Exhibitions: On My Way Home & (Or why I radically un-friend the tourist(s))

Saturday 04 May 2019| 2pm – 9pm | Market Gallery | Free

On My Way Home (Prologue)

‘On my way home’ is an expanded reading group happening over the course of five months. It is intended as a prolonged conversation that explores belonging through the intersections of personal identity, privilege and oppression. Together we will explore texts including poems, essays, short stories, films, music and more. We will move through realms of belonging to communities and bodies including local, city-wide, national, global and intergalactic. As an exercise in collaborative programming, the reading group will build towards a weekend-long festival in October.



(Or why I radically un-friend the tourist(s))


Working within a framework of radical hospitality, artist Noureddine Ezarraf presents a performative exhibition of obliterated objects and images. Over the course of an afternoon, the artist will contest and explore the dichotomies of tourism and fugitive presence, social facelessness and face recognition, border erection and hostility elections. The event will be structured around moments of ponctuation (sharing words) and contemplation (viewing obliterated souvenirs).




Market Gallery
334 Duke Street
Glasgow G31 1QZ