BFI Mediatheque / Bridgeton Library

Saturday 07 March 2020 10am – 5pm | Bridgeton Library

A brilliant new library for the residents of Bridgeton in an iconic, newly refurbished building. Offering a wide range of services and activities in unique surroundings, including: 32 PCs with FREE Internet access, FREE WiFi and a laptop bar, Times Past’ Cafe, an Arts and Heritage events programme, a dedicated Early Years activity programme, a BFI film library.

Visit Bridgeton Library in the redeveloped Olympia Cinema and explore the BFI Mediatheque. Among hundreds of curated collections to explore there’s a special focus on film and television from Scotland in Scottish Reels. This collection brings together titles from the BFI National Archive and Scottish Screen Archive spanning more than a century of Scottish life and culture. The earliest films spotlight industry and commerce in the Edwardian era whilst politics loom large in groundbreaking TV drama Culloden from 1964 and Bill Douglas’ bleak and beautiful Trilogy, 1972-78. With key feature films such as The Wicker Man from 1973 and Shallow Grave from 1994 there really is something for everyone to enjoy.


The Olympia Building, 2-16 Orr St, Glasgow, G40 2QH
0141 276 0870